The Weirdest Place in the PNW

The original plan:
Fly into Seattle, drop by in Olympia and make our way down to Tillamook, OR where we would find the fam-bam for a weekend of camping on the beautiful beaches of Cape Lookout. Then AJ and I would spend some time in Portland before chugging back up I-5 back to Oly.
Time in Cape Lookout: 3 nights
Time in Portland: 1 night
Flight Cost:
(1 Round trip ticket, 1 stop from TPA to SEA):
~ Additional costs for 2 people ~
Gas: $100
Hotel: $75
Food and Drink: $60-$75 for 2 people (Food prices are pretty cheap here I noticed)
Other goodies: $50
Total : $300
(divide by 2 + Flight)
Total Including Flight Per Person:  $585
 This being the first time to Portland and really have a chance to immerse myself in what the city had to offer I was excited to explore. Before jumping too far ahead though lets talk about Cape Lookout. Since the beginning of the century my family has been visiting this hidden gem every year to enjoy the foggy views, hiking and the beach. We love this campsite and every year it is full of outdoorsy families enjoying the end of the summer.
This year it was colder than expected but the views were still far from lacking.
We were constantly accompanied by fog from every corner as the clouds would form and set in-between the capes lined along the Pacific coast. The weather was colder than usual and for the first time I have ever camped there camping spots were empty at the campsite. Fortunately rain didn’t find it’s way over to the campsite so the chilly grey weather was the only thing¬†keeping us near the fire instead of out on the sand.¬†¬†After visiting cape lookout and hiking along the many weather patterns of the cape, a 5 mile hike out and back, we found ourselves at the local cheese factory for some complementary cheese samples. The Tillamook Cheese Factory in the little town of Tillamook, OR offers a view of how the cheese is made, every ice cream flavor you can imagine¬†and the best cheese made in Oregon state, all owned locally by the dairy farmers themselves. After enjoying the cheese¬†we drove an hour and a half east to the best weirdest little city I have ever been to.
Portland had beautiful views, crazy winding roads, and countless unique colored hairstyles that had me jealous my hair was normal boring brown. Roses are the flower of choice in this mountain side city full of greenery and unique architecture. The people in Oregon have a retrospective of their own. Locally owned and produced food is all the most important and organic lifestyles are a given. The people here take pride in their city and their state not only for the beauty of the nearby mountains and coast, but also for the unique vibe and feeling that Portland inhibits within its residents.
While we visited we had the pleasure of having fresh sushi across from the world famous, VooDoo Doughnuts. We got something named The Old Dirty Bastard and a doughnut with bacon on it. Yes, bacon. We visited Forest Park and roamed the Japanese Gardens, and the Rose Gardens, drove up to Pittock Mansion  and then finished our day at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. The following day we explored the Historic Columbia River Highway and stopped at Vista House along with all the beautiful waterfalls down the highway, including Bridal Veil Falls and Oneonta Gorge. It was well worth the 40-minute drive outside the city before going back north.
This city is a unique treat of its own agenda, much like Olympia, and San Francisco with its “hipster” vibe, but the¬†numerous¬†attractions and sights make it one of a¬†kind.¬†I hope to visit this city again soon.
Keep it weird, Portland.

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